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Acrylic Pouring for Beginners Online Course

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⚠️***** If you've already paid for the course, scroll down and click on Request to Join. ⚠️ ***** To join this course, you have to purchase a copy from here: Learn the science behind fluid art, so you can manipulate it to your liking. You can watch this online course at your own pace as many times as you like. It's yours to keep. The course covers: - Introduction to Materials and Alternatives: You will learn about the recommended art supplies, some common alternatives, and the knowledge to understand why and when to use them. Here is a list of recommended products: - Mixing Paints and Understanding Consistency: Learn why there are different recipes and how they impact your results. - Master Captivating Techniques: - The Straight Pour - The Flip Cup - The Funnel Pour - The Swipe - The Ring Pour - Master Cells and Lacing: Two of the most coveted effects in acrylic pouring will be under your control by the time you're done! - A complete Guide on Color Theory for Beginners with a color combo cheat sheet! - A guide on How to Prevent Cracks in the Paint - A comprehensive Terminology Guide you can reference at any time. - A Frequently Asked Questions section that addresses common issues faced by people like you from around the world. - A Painting Pricing Guide to help you price your works when you're ready to sell!

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