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Bloom Technique for Beginners

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

A bloom technique painting with text on the image that reads  "The Bloom: An Alternative Recipe"

The Bloom Technique is one of the most captivating techniques in all of acrylic pouring because of its dazzling lacing patterns. While we already covered the correct and original method by SheleeArt, one of the major issues has always been the ability to get the recommended supplies. While Shelee's course does offer recommended materials in specific countries, I myself fall outside those countries, and so do a lot of other people.

These materials include the likes of untinted water-based enamel house paint (an extremely uncommon material globally) like Behr 8300 or Behr Dynasty, Jo Sonja Gloss Varnish, and of course, the coveted Australian Floetrol. So if anything of the above are issues for you in terms of availability, you're gonna want to keep reading.



So the idea here is we want to simplify these materials and make them accessible as much as possible.

For the Pillow, I recommend using an emulsion house paint that can be used as is without adding anything. In the US and Canada, that would be Sherwin Williams Color to Go. In Europe, one option is Valspar Express Coat Silk. In Australia, that's British Paints Low Sheen Interior.

For reference, all the above paints are fluid out of the can. If you, like me, live somewhere where house paint is not fluid, you will want to add water. There is no exact recipe I can give everyone, but we're trying to achieve a consistency where when you drizzle the paint, you can see mounds form on top of mounds, and it takes them 3-5 seconds to sink.

For the Pouring Medium, options include US Floetrol, Owatrol if you're in Europe, Keep it Simple Pouring Medium if you're in Australia. Any other retail pouring medium like Liquitex, DecoArt, or something similar will work as well.

For the Cell Activator, try to use an Amsterdam paint if possible. If not, stick to a black from an above-average brand.


Let's look at how to pull this off:


If you enjoyed this video and my teaching style, you will love my full online course Acrylic Pouring for Beginners! It teaches you everything you need to know to produce beautiful paintings, and shows you everything that might have been giving you problems before! Use 170K at checkout to get a 50% discount!

Acrylic pour painting with Acrylic Pouring for Beginners text on top

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Nice that you teach us what to do en where we can buy it. Thank you

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