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Once purchased, you can access the course here.


A general list of recommended materials for acrylic pouring is available here, but a list specific to the course is available as part of the course. The materials are available almost everywhere.


"I can never get this technique right! How is this course different?"

It's simple. It's straight forward. It has all the knowledge you need to pull off this technique from practically anywhere in the world.


"Will I learn how to keep colors vivid like yours?"

Yes! I've included a simplified breakdown of color theory and how I use it to make colors pop in my paintings.


"Will I learn how to use a blow dryer?"

I show you how to use both a blow dryer and a straw. I also provide a recommendation for an affordable option.


"Will I learn how to get cells?"

100% and you won't need any additional materials to do so.


"Will I learn how you modify Dutch pours?

I provide a complete walkthrough of the whole process and how I approach it, what thoughts I'm having, and what I'm considering with regards to composition.


The course covers:


  • The materials used in a Dutch pour and some alternatives for your local market
  • The recipes to mix up your paints
  • The technique used to blow out paint and create modifications
  • Multiple demonstrations and walkthroughs of completed paintings
  • Full explanation of color theory
  • Composition ideas

Dutch Pour Modifications Online Course

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